Be Prepared, Not Scared! Economic Survival!


How to protect your finances, savings and economic future from the coming economic storm…

Created by Mike Adams: The Health Ranger and Robert Scott Bell

You’ve seen it happening all across the world: Protests, riots and even revolts due to economic upheaval. In Wisconsin, near-riots broke out over cuts that threatened worker incomes. In Egypt, the people overthrew their corrupt government that was stealing their economic productivity and suppressing their freedoms. In Libya, Iran, China and even in North America, popular uprisings are becoming increasingly common for one simple reason: The global economic crisis is now upon us.

Everywhere around the world, food prices are skyrocketing beyond the reach of ordinary families. Corn and wheat prices are at 30-year highs. Fresh water for crop irrigation is running dry in India, China and the Middle East, further increasing food prices beyond the point of affordability. On top of that, the global debt crisis continues to mount: World governments are expected to issue another $4.5 trillion in debt in the coming year — an alarming increase that simply cannot be sustained.

“The U.S. has allowed the total federal debt (including debt held by government agencies, like the Social Security fund) to balloon by 50% since 2006 to $12.3 trillion. The pain of repayment is not yet being felt, because interest rates are so low — close to 0% on short-term Treasury bills. Someday those rates are going to rise. Then the taxpayer will have the devil to pay.” – Forbes Magazine

The runaway debt threat and why it will impact you and your family

Today, the national debt of the United States of America is larger than the entire GDP of the nation — and it’s rising by millions of dollars every minute! The pyramid of false debt that has propped up Wall Street and the world’s banksters is coming ever closer to a day of reckoning which many experts believe will see the dollar collapse, the banks implode, and prices of everyday goods skyrocket through runaway price inflation combined with dollar devaluation.

And it’s increasingly obvious to most people that this process has already begun. Oil reached $100 a barrel on February 23, 2011, and just days before that, the price of silver reached a thirty year high. The experts know that the tidal wave of debt spending and failed economic policies is fast approaching, much like a deep ocean earthquake that spawns a freak tsunami you can’t really detect until it is nearly upon you. And by then, it’s often too late.

“America is on the brink of financial collapse. Decades of political over-promising and underfunding have created a wave of debt that could swamp our already feeble economy.”

- Tom Woods, author, Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse

There’s good news in all this, though. There is a way to insulate yourself from the coming economic storm through the application of intelligent, practical strategies that you can learn in just a few hours.

On March 20, 2011, the Health Ranger and Robert Scott Bell co-hosted this LIVE, three-hour webcast event called “Be Prepared, Not Scared!” This event was a tremendous success and received a wave of positive feedback from those who attended. You can now access the recording of the full event (all 3 hours) which will share the steps you can take right now to help protect yourself from the unknown.

In all, this is a special 3-hour event to help you protect and secure your financial future against the coming economic storm. This is not entertainment, and it’s not a “casual” conversation about financial preparedness: This is a focused, hard-hitting and fully prepared action plan to help you avoid losing what you’ve got while shoring up your financial defenses in an increasingly unpredictable world.

You’ll also be able to access the audio archive of the event for 60 days so that you can listen to it again or share this important message with a friend or family member who also needs to hear it.

Surprisingly inexpensive but worth much more…

How much are these financial preparedness strategies really worth? There will come a day in the not-so-distant future when dollars may be worthless… but the knowledge of how to survive the dollar collapse is PRICELESS.

The value of being prepared can’t be measured in mere economic terms. It’s the confidence in knowing that you can weather the storm, even if others around you are panicked because they never took action ahead of time. Preparedness equals calm because those who are prepared can face the future with a degree of certainty that others will never have.

While the true value of preparedness can’t be measured, the cost of this webcast event is only $29. (This is delivered to your computer via flash audio streaming and cannot be downloaded)

This is a one-time event, hosted by the Health Ranger and Robert Scott Bell. The information being presented in this event seems increasingly urgent given the acceleration of world events.

Event Synopsis

Be Prepared, Not Scared is a three-hour audio seminar, recorded LIVE, on financial preparedness. Recorded on March 20, 2011 by Mike Adams and Robert Scott Bell. Covers all the principles of economic preparedness and safety in uncertain times.


  • The coming collapse of the dollar and U.S. debt
  • Job cuts, benefit cuts and payroll cuts that could affect you
  • The very high possibility of food price inflation
  • Government confiscation of gold and silver
  • The fast-rising prices of imported goods
  • The likelihood of government food price controls leading to empty store shelves and food shortages
  • The 5 reasons why the world’s economic system is not sustainable
  • Why social security and Medicare are grand Ponzi schemes that make Bernie Madoff’s financial pyramid look tiny by comparison.
  • What’s likely to happen in the first 7 days following the financial collapse
  • Why your government can never tell you the truth about the coming collapse
  • The truth about leveraged debt and the global fractional reserve banking system
  • How and why the Federal Reserve has stolen your wealth
  • Why the coming collapse will be followed by violent riots and uprisings spanning the globe
  • How China’s central banks could collapse the U.S. economy virtually overnight
  • Why U.S. debt will never be repaid and can only end in a disastrous blowout
  • Why we are headed to hyperinflation (and why it can no longer be stopped)
  • Why the mainstream media absolutely will NOT give you any warning as this disaster approaches (and where to go to get accurate, intelligent analysis of what’s happening)


  • 3 things you absolutely must do right now to protect your finances
  • How to legally open a bank account in non-U.S. currency (this will protect you from the collapse of the dollar)
  • 10 things you should STOP buying right now, and 10 more things you should START buying to prepare for the coming collapse
  • Which skills to learn or improve right now to make sure you’re never out of work and always have an income
  • Which physical things you should start stockpiling and saving right now because they will be difficult or impossible to get after the collapse
  • Why and how to get out of debt as soon as possible (to avoid things you own from being confiscated from you)
  • How to keep your job even when aggressive budget cuts are under way at your employer
  • Which books are recommended by the Health Ranger for learning more survival and preparedness skills
  • How to slash your cost of living 20 percent or more starting right now (which will help you get out of debt and protect your assets)
  • Which nations are likely to experience widespread bank failures (and should be avoided as investment destinations)
  • How and why to avoid riots, protests and popular revolts that will inevitably appear in the hours and days after the collapse
  • Why owning gold coins may not help you in a post-collapse economy (here’s a better strategy)
  • Where exactly to buy gold or silver at extremely low prices, in the right formats so that you can actually use your precious metals as barter items
  • How to safely and intelligently engage in BARTER in the post-collapse economy: Here are the three skills you need to know right now
  • Where else to put your money that’s guaranteed to store value that you can barter for food, medical supplies or just about anything
  • Why bank safe deposit boxes are not a safe place to store your valuables — here’s a better strategy
  • Which things are more valuable than gold or silver after the collapse
  • Where to HIDE valuables in your home (or outside your home) if necessary
  • Why you should avoid certain municipal and state bonds due to the rising risk of bankruptcies
  • Why and how the stock market indexes are manipulated to make the markets appear to deliver greater returns than they actually do
  • Why you can never trust the mainstream investment rating services (here’s an alternative service that tells the truth)


  • Mike Adams and Robert Scott Bell will discuss and answer the most popular questions


There is no way to stress enough the importance of financial skillfulness. Mike Adams and Robert Scott Bell are incredible resources in this department, and I am very pleased to bring you this strong course to prepare you for whatever financial winds may blow.

To Your Revolutionary Financial Skillfulness,

David Rainoshek, M.A.