Be Prepared, Not Scared! Food Security!


If the food supply collapsed tomorrow, how would you feed your family?

Learn the best-kept secrets of food preparedness and security (storing, growing, sprouting, harvesting, bartering and more) with the Health Ranger and Robert Scott Bell

Few people fully realize the precarious nature of our modern food supply. Based on long supply lines, cheap oil, chemical additives and just-in-time logistics, today’s food supply is more fragile than you might think. Just one serious disruption — a nuclear accident, natural disaster, crop disease or GMO catastrophe — could bring the global food supply crashing down, ending in sky-high food prices coupled with mass starvation in developing nations.

Even without the possibility of disasters, food inflation is on the rise, with wholesale food prices now skyrocketing 30% a year according to the United Nations. And that means food prices are set to double every 2.5 years, making many food staples unaffordable for an increasing number of people.

At the same time all this is happening, global food production is based on a completely unsustainable model of exploiting both freshwater aquifers and cheap fossil fuels. China and India have already issued urgent warnings about their dwindling water supplies, and in the United States, the Ogallala Aquifer that provides irrigation water across the great expanse of Midwestern farmlands has only a generation of water remaining.

The simple, unavoidable truth of the matter is that food production is headed for collapse in the coming years. No one denies this. The collapse of today’s “food bubble” is now apparent. The collapse of food pollinators (honey bees) has already begun, and combined with the threat of GMOs, global seed contamination and accelerating soil erosion, the great food bubble of 1920 – 2012 is headed toward collapse.

How to keep yourself and your family well fed during hard times

Most people who follow current events know that droughts, floods, freezes and tsunamis are causing crop failures across the world. They see food prices skyrocketing in grocery stores, and they want real, practical solutions for making sure they never go hungry (or dehydrate from a lack of water).

Essentially, they want to know four things:

  • How (and where) to get STORABLE food — the good stuff, without chemical additives, GMOs or pesticide residues.
  • How to GROW food — what you need to know about seeds, gardening, animals, soils, composting, sprouting, human labor and more.
  • How to SAVE food — how to dry it, can it, store it, salt it, pickle it or otherwise make it lasts for months (or even years) after you grow it.
  • How to FIND food — wildcrafting, buying and bartering for food, and so on.

In addition to the food question, people also want to know crucial information about WATER:

  • Where to FIND water that you can use for bathing, cooking, drinking or irrigation.
  • How to STORE water — which containers work best, how to treat water to prevent bacteria from growing in the storage containers, and so on.
  • How to FILTER water with rugged, expedition-class water filters that handle tens of thousands of gallons (not just 40 or 100 gallons like those cheap countertop filters from your local stores).
  • How to BUILD your own backyard water filter (out of commonly available materials) that will filter thousands of gallons of water.
  • Where to BUY commercial-grade water filters while saving huge dollars (because we make them available AT COST to everyone who owns this course).
  • Where to get ZEOLITES (the amazing detox substance) at just fifty cents a pound! (This tip alone is worth many times the price of the entire course.)

The bottom line? People want to know how to insulate themselves — and protect their families — from food shortages, food price inflation, natural disasters and other disruptions that are now striking with increased frequency.

Learn the secrets of those who practice food preparedness and security on a daily basis

Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) and Robert Scott Bell have put together a 9-hour audio / video course on food security that’s packed with priceless information, tips, tactics and skills for growing, storing, preparing and acquiring nutritious food (plus secrets for storing and filtering water).

This course, Be Prepared Not Scared, Series 2, Food Security, has been highly sought after. It is the completely uncensored, nothing-held-back underground guide to surviving almost any food emergency, from a 3-day ice storm disruption to a one-year apocalyptic crop failure caused by an Earth Shift or the explosion of a massive volcano that blocks out the sun for an entire year.

This guide, recorded by Mike Adams and Robert Scott Bell during the summer of 2011, delivers an invaluable collection of first-hand wisdom about keeping you and your family alive during any food crisis, water outage or major infrastructure disruption.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this course…


  • How radical weather patterns, soil depletion, deforestation and drought are severely impacting the global food supply right now.
  • Why GMOs will ultimately lead to global crop failures and widespread starvation.
  • The silence of the bees and the collapse of pollinators, and why this will devastate the global food supply (one-third of all foods require pollination by honey bees).
  • The truth about governments destroying food freedoms, oppressing local farms and destroying the viability of the food supply in their quest for power over all food.
  • Why the era of cheap oil has lead to the era of cheap food, and why BOTH will come crashing down in the near future, leading to a catastrophic collapse in human population.
  • How radiation from nuclear power accidents (Fukushima and more) will threaten the global food supply and contribute to severe food shortages.
  • Why even the conventional food that may appear to be nutritious is actually DEVOID of minerals — and how the human race is being starved of nutrition through heavily processed foods grown in depleted soils.
  • Conventional agriculture and the mass poisoning of our food-producing soils with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.
  • Why human civilization is causing the fifth great extinction of life on planet Earth, and why that disruption of life will devastate agricultural food production.


  • Skills and equipment you need for reliable backyard food production: Here’s how to get ready BEFORE the collapse (includes links to dozens of valuable resources).
  • Why you should never buy a NEW tractor for agricultural use. Learn why older tractors are far more reliable and repairable.
  • Do you eat meat, milk or eggs? Here’s what you need to know about home meat production, egg production or milk production.
  • Essential food production skills: Composting, vermiculture, irrigation and more.
  • The proper role of STORED FOOD and why you can’t rely on stored food alone to carry you through a sustained shortage. (And where to get stored organic food at a discount.)
  • The five key (priceless) stored food items that you absolutely must stockpile ahead of time. (Hint: One of them is salt.)
  • Strategies for saving seeds, buying seeds and avoiding hybrid seeds that aren’t sustainable from one generation to the next.
  • How to construct your own home-made water filter out of readily available materials and filter tens of thousands of gallons of water at virtually no cost per gallon. (Video demonstration by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who builds one for you on camera and show you exactly how to do it yourself.)
  • Online sources for purchasing key equipment you’ll need for survival gardening and efficient food production without using gasoline engines of any kind.
  • Crucial food processing and storage skills: Here’s what you need to practice right now, ahead of time. (And you’ll learn which simple items you need to buy now that won’t be available in a crisis.)
  • Which food staples you should store as barter items that you can trade for practically anything else you might need.
  • How to SPROUT your own foods for mere pennies. Learn about the best sprouters and the most affordable sprouting methods.
  • Strategies for CATCHING your own food: Fishing, hunting, etc. What role can this play in a survival food scenario?
  • How to use food DRYING as a surefire food storage strategy; and which dehydrators have been proven to work best while conserving the nutritional value of your food.
  • Roles of salting, pickling and fermenting as ways to store home-grown food for long shelf life.
  • The best storable grains (including Quinoa!) and where to get them as organic grains. Also: The best storable seeds (including Chia!) and why they’re essential to your food storage strategy.
  • What equipment you’ll need to make the best use of your stored foods (and where to get it).
  • Barter skills: Why you need them and how to practice them ahead of time.
  • Where to get detox ZEOLITES in 30-pound bags for just fifty cents a pound. (Incredible!) This tip alone is worth many times the cost of this entire course. With these zeolites, you can detox from radiation, make your own water filters and much more.
  • Little-known strategies for keeping your stored water free of bacteria, using commonly-available materials (no chemicals).
  • Strategies for defending your food, water and equipment from both animals and other people.

In addition to all that, we include a short Question & Answer section where we answer questions such as:

  • How much of your preparedness plan should you share with friends or neighbors?
  • Should you go into debt to acquire stored food, water filters or other equipment?
  • Can you share this program with friends or family members and help them get prepared, too?

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Get prepared now!

You get all this in our Be Prepared, Not Scared – Food Preparedness course:

  • Nine hours of instructional audio
  • Two informative videos from the Health Ranger
  • Three downloadable PDF documents
  • Valuable moneysaving coupons
  • Unlimited viewing and listening to this course

Plus, we bring it to you at a discounted price that makes it super affordable. Now is the time to get prepared and make sure you never go hungry. Always have a food and water preparedness plan in place. This course will give you MASTERY over this topic and let you face the future with confidence!

All MP3 files are downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac or MP3 player!

All the MP3 files in this course are FULLY DOWNLOADABLE so you can download them all and listen to the course at your leisure, on any device that plays MP3 files.

These are high-quality MP3s (320k) that are far superior to typical MP3 files used with audio books, for example. Load ‘em up on your favorite MP3 player and enjoy the program!

Bonus Audio Program: Five Mental Strategies for Surviving Anytime, Anywhere

($19 value, yours FREE with this program)

In this bonus audio program, the Health Ranger reveals his most protected secrets that kept him alive during episodes of being stalked and threatened by Big Pharma operatives. You’ll learn some of the most powerful methods for avoiding conflict and getting your business done without attracting attention.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to blend in and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • The importance of setting your ego aside and backing down from a fight.
  • How to observe the people around you and then mimic them to fit in.
  • How to anticipate the warning signs of imminent collapse.
  • Which basic skills can increase your total resourcefulness, allowing you to accomplish more with less.
  • Why you need to be ahead of the crowd when the financial collapse comes (and ways to make sure you really are).
  • Why “gearing up” alone won’t save you during the collapse. You also need these crucial skills…
  • A lifesaving lesson the Health Ranger learned from his knife instructor (and why you should always remember this lesson if conflict looks imminent).
  • Understanding personal space boundaries and using them to stay safe while blending in.
  • How to project an unconscious message that you are not a person to be messed with (and why this is important).
  • The philosophy of the ethical warrior: Helping others when they are in need, yet viciously defending yourself, your family and your property when absolutely necessary.

Learn all this and more in the Five Mental Strategies for Surviving Anytime, Anywhere. The full download is available FREE as part of this package. Listen to the MP3 file on any mobile device: iPod, iPad, mobile phone or MP3 player.

Over NINE hours of audio, all downloadable MP3 files

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“Thank you both so much!!!!!!!!!!!! You have reassured us and provided wonderful information to be prepared! Love you both!” – Y. Yohanna

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“This is incredibly valuable and necessary information for us all.” – N. Smith

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“Thank you Mike and Robert for your honesty and brilliant presentation.” – R. Bernhardt

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“Thank goodness! Been waiting to hear from you on crisis farming! Farming and foraging in tropical climates… Thanks guys.” – E. Nunes

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“Deep Gratitude & Thousand blessings for all that you share.” – D. Richards

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