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[HyperLearning Lens] Steve Jobs: Developing Genius
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APPLE FOUNDER STEVE JOBS IS A CASE STUDY IN GENIUS, and he is well worth looking at, because he wasn’t the smartest guy in the room – and most of us aren’t. But the qualities of genius he exemplified are things we can adapt in our own lives, and as we look at how to […]

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The Invite Video you see above is the final piece of the HyperLearning Webinar I have been working on for the last 18 months. My colleague, Mike and I worked for seven days straight to produce this video of broad scope. Why? HyperLearning is an investigation into how we can place viewpoints, techniques, technologies, and […]

RevWeb Official Launch
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Welcome to RevolutionaryWebinars! This site has been several years in the making, a dream of mine, and a passion. Being an Integral thinker, I have wanted to create a platform and a forum to present Life Practices that I have found have the most traction for personal evolutionary growth. Why? For the first time in […]