Euphoria! An Astounding Experience of Peace of Mind • Bliss • Tranquility

NEWS FLASH: World experts come together in an unprecedented collaboration to help you experience happiness, joy, love, and euphoria!

Euphoria: the gift of a healthy, balanced, and energetic life

Seven experts come together on six audio sessions to help you experience euphoria, true peace of mind, joy, and love.

Ten more share their insights, strategies, and stories in the book. They are listed to the right.

You will receive practical guidance to live a life filled with meaning, wisdom, calm, and spirit—for success in all of your efforts.


In a moment you will go on a brief, awe-inspiring tour of Euphoria! First, imagine if you will:

What if you could…

  • Quiet your mind
  • Let go of self-defeating images
  • Discover your life’s true purpose
  • Unleash a natural healing energy within
  • Increase energy and reduce stress
  • Maintain balance in all situations
  • See beauty and grace in all of life
  • Reach new heights of awareness
  • Empower your life with intention
  • Feel a remarkable sense of oneness
  • Receive inner wisdom
  • Replace anxiety with calm
  • Find peace of mind in your world
  • Enjoy profoundly deep and extremely pleasurable meditation
  • Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health
  • You can with Euphoria!

Let’s take a tour of this remarkably soothing and comforting course.


7 Experts Help You Experience a Natural, Euphoric High

Euphoria is a drug-free audio course. Here is a personal testimony:

Dear Friend,

I first experienced true peace of mind Sunday evening, September 26, 1999.

I don’t know how to explain it to you, but I’ll try. Please excuse the awkwardness and clumsiness of my language. I don’t think it’s possible to adequately describe the experience. It’s something, as near as I can figure out, like trying to describe God.

I had no cares or concerns during this experience. Absolutely nothing had a hook in me of any kind. Nothing haunted from my past; nothing stirred in my future. I had no regrets about anything I had done or could possibly do. Nothing nagged in the background. No worries. No faint anxieties. All negative emotions were completely gone. I was empty of everything stressful.

I felt blissful, joyful, euphoric. I felt surrounded by pure love. And, unless you’ve experienced this feeling, you might not know what the heck I’m talking about. It may even seem corny.

I felt as if I were in paradise. My muscles and joints thoroughly and pleasurably relaxed. I felt complete. Happiness pervaded every cell of my body. Fully elated, but not excited. Contented. Satisfied. At peace.

I came the closest I had ever come to perfection

If you had asked me before that day whether I had been at peace in my life, I would have said yes. After all, I am blessed with a good life.

But I would have been wrong—unknowingly, but wrong. On that day I realized I had never before truly known peace. My peace had been incomplete. I had never really experienced peace until that evening in September during the last year of the century.

Once I had felt euphoria, my perceptions changed. Now I have a new ideal—the ultimate state of being. And I’d love you to experience it.

When Paul Scheele and I were discussing topics for new personal development products, I absolutely wanted to offer a program on euphoria. “Let’s help everyone experience bliss at least once, if not every day of their life.” Paul enthusiastically agreed.

We wondered how to elicit sufficiently such a rich, multi-faceted “state” in each of our diverse customers. We did not want to take any chance that someone would not experience euphoria. We wanted each person to have total success.

Paul and I talked about bringing in other experts. They could contribute their own process to help you experience euphoria. This way every listener should be able to have the experience. If one program didn’t do it, another surely would. Eureka! That became the magic formula.

Well, friend, I have plowed through the Internet and thumbed through countless books in libraries and bookstores. There has never been anything, at all, ever created like our new Euphoria!

Nothing comes close

Nothing else brings together the breadth and completeness of the expertise we’ve assembled for you. When you experience the Learning Strategies Corporation Euphoria!, you will know what I mean.

Let’s meet some of the experts, starting with …


Paul Scheele with Euphoria Paraliminal Learning

Paul Scheele has created a brand new Paraliminal learning session to help you “enter at will a sense of inner calm, experience joyful flowing with the events around you, and feel blissful happiness, love, even rapture, and peace. To realize the energetic melding of body, mind, and spirit,” says Paul, “you can achieve a level of human functioning that permeates your thinking, envelopes your feelings, and transforms your behavior.”

You will open your eyes from this Paraliminal session with a blissful smile on your face. I find it awesome, and yes, each time I listen to it, I feel wonderful.

This Paraliminal session is our first used with a new brain-syncronization technology we have just acquired. It will enhance your experience of euphoria.


Hale Dwoskin with the Sedona Method for Euphoria

Hale Dwoskin will teach you the “Sedona Method.” You will start tapping your natural ability to let go — to release all the unwanted feelings now covering your natural state of euphoria. Right now bliss is just a few “releases” away from your awareness. As you easily learn this ability, you will find yourself with eyes wide open in a world filled with goodness.

Hale has been involved with teaching and sharing the world-renown Sedona Method since 1976. He has helped thousands of people have whatever they are looking for in life, including the natural high of euphoria. This is the first time Hale has shared some of this material outside of his much longer tape course and live seminars. You are in for a treat.

Does it work? Absolutely. As long as I’ve known Hale, I have noticed a consistent state of happiness and joy that I have rarely experienced in anyone else — even when things have not gone well for him.


Dr. Trinidad Hunt with Adventures in Living from Your Center

Trin Hunt is an author, educator, business consultant, and former classroom teacher. Her book, Learning to Learn was a part of the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course for over five years. Paul and Pete have been so enamored of her style and her teachings that they’ve invited Trin to teach with them in Minnesota.

She says, “Joy, wonder, bliss, and exhilaration are natural states of being when we know who we really are.” To that end, she has created a special “Revitalization and Clearing” meditation from her island home in Hawaii to help you gain:

  • A natural sense of your own “fit” in the world.
  • A realization that your own life design is perfect for you.
  • A renewal of your youthful enthusiasm and inner confidence.
  • A shift from the apprehension of sensing that you’re not quite on target to the exhilaration that stems from a clear sense of purpose.
  • The priceless peace of mind, contentment, and euphoria that come with living from your center.


Bill Harris with a Holosync Session for Euphoria

Bill Harris’ contribution to Euphoria! takes an exciting twist. His company, Centerpointe Research Institute, developed an audio technology called Holosync. When you listen with stereo headphones, the technology effortlessly creates the brain wave patterns — and therefore the experience and benefits — of deep meditation. He has built his Euphoria! meditation around this technology.

Bill says that when you listen, your brain “produces large quantities of pleasure-causing neurochemicals called endorphins, which make the whole experience very pleasurable and euphoric.”

He relates his own experiences when he first used this technology. “During my meditations, I began to have all kinds of inner sensations — experiences I’d read about but had never really expected to have. Dreamlike visions. Unusual physical sensations. Psychic phenomena. Deep insights. Spontaneous solutions to lifelong problems. Incredible endorphin rushes. Hours speeding by in what seemed like minutes. It was all very intriguing…and very exciting!”

Bill Harris has a unique understanding on how the brain works. Mind explorers will relish his explanation for how the Holosync technology helps bring on periods of sustained euphoria.

The listening experience is simply beautiful. Each time I listen I cannot wait for my next session.


How to enjoy your smorgasbord of Euphoria!

Just like a good buffet dinner, start at one end and sample your way through. Then return to get more helpings of what you liked best.

Begin with Paul Scheele’s session. He will introduce you to the Euphoria! Personal Learning Course and bring you into his Paraliminal learning session.

On the next day listen to the next coaching session from Hale Dwoskin followed by his Sedona Method Release session.

Follow your intuition day after day until you have visited all six programs.

Then choose the program you liked best, and heap your plate with it. Spend as much time with the program as you wish, and enjoy increased great feelings and benefits every time you “feast.”

At some point you may be ready to do a similarly extended period with one of the other sessions. Or, you may want to listen to different sessions on different days, depending on your own need.

You will enjoy this course endlessly for years to come.

No matter what you want in life — whether higher income, better relationships, a bigger house, more toys, a new car, or an education — your goal behind your goal is peace of mind. You want to feel contentment, happiness, and love. You do not want stress, pain, fear, rejection, and failure.

Our other programs can help turn you into a millionaire, but what good is money without peace of mind?

We can help you read super-fast and build a powerful, even intimidating, vocabulary, but if you feel empty and meaningless, where is the joy?

We contend that when you experience peace of mind, everything else gets better and easier. You will be able to hold onto the rewards you earn — longer and without struggle — because of balance in your life.

What you get with Euphoria! is more than a good feeling. It is a way of life to last a lifetime…if you so choose.



Your new course comes with six audio CDs and a book, just as described above. It is a lot less expensive than mood-altering substances, such as anti-depressants, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

But I have to give you this warning: you might become hooked on feeling wonderful, even while others around you are miserable.

Your joy could be disconcerting to those who would rather see you join them in misery. While you enjoy all the pleasure you desire, others may be busily suffering as much as they can stand. This is unfortunate, but as you choose to live a happier and healthier life, you become a model. Paul Scheele says, “You will have important and positive effects on those around you. As you express more of who you are and spend more time experiencing euphoria, you guide others to heal their lives.”

My hope is that you can experience the peace of mind and bliss that I have using these powerful technologies. Euphoria has now become a tangible option for you and those you love. Please try it. Your benefit is worth much more than the price of this course. Order Euphoria! today. Order here on our secure website, and we will rush the course to you right away.


To Creative Euphoria,

David Rainoshek, M.A.

P.S. — From these seven experts you ought to be able to experience euphoria and peace of mind beyond your greatest hopes. Take it from me, you’ve got to try it

Euphoria! Course Contents

CD 1: Paul R. Scheele, Welcome to Euphoria
CD 2: Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Method for Euphoria
CD 3: D. Trinidad Hunt, Adventures in Living from Your Center
CD 4: Chunyi Lin, The Qigong Way of Life
CD 5: Bill Harris, Personal Change & Evolution
CD 6: Rex Steven Sikes and Carolyn Sikes, Attitude Activator
Course Manual

Bonus book for Euphoria!

In addition to the audio sessions, you will receive a book of insightful writings from other mavens:

  • Touching the God-Spark within, Joan Borysenko
  • The Secrets to Inner Happiness and Contentment, Paul McKenna
  • Igniting Your Creative Euphoria, Barb Kobe
  • Live, Love, Laugh, and be …Euphoric!, Charlotte Ward
  • Conceived in Truth, Richard F. Hay
  • The Joyful Path of Wholeness, George Emery
  • Self-Hypnosis to Alter States, Nikki Goldman
  • Euphoria Healing, Paul R. Scheele
  • How We Feel Changes How We Feel, Patty Ruhle
  • Tapping into the Infinite Source of Euphoria, Susan Slack
  • Imitations of Immortality, William Wordsworth
  • Imagine, Paul R. Scheele
  • Adventures in Living from Your Center, D. Trinidad Hunt


Paul Scheele, Learning Strategies Corporation with a brand new Paraliminal learning session, Euphoria!
Hale Dwoskin, Sedona Training Associates helping you use the Sedona Method for euphoria
D. Trinidad Hunt, Elan Enterprises helping you live life on purpose
Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong with a Qigong meditation for euphoria
Bill Harris, Centerpointe Research Institute to experience a deep, euphoric meditation using Holosync
Rex Steven Sikes, IDEA Seminars with the Attitude Activator to reach new heights for joy