Grocery Warning System


Consumer warning: Thousands of brand-name grocery products are contaminated with toxic chemicals and dangerous ingredients… Would you like to know which ones?

Did you know that food companies deliberately add harmful chemicals and additives to your food? Now learn how to identify and avoid these harmful chemicals to save yourself from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression and much more…

Did you know that 95% of shoppers fill their grocery carts with ingredients known to cause cancer? You’re probably one of these shoppers — which means you may be buying poison without even knowing it. And the results are devastating: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity, migraines and even worse.

But now, in Grocery Warning, consumer health advocate Mike Adams exposes what he calls, “The Great Chemical Cover-Up” of the food companies, revealing the most common toxic food additives and ingredients promoting life-threatening diseases that can leave you bankrupt and dead — at virtually any age!

You’ve probably heard of trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils, but did you know there are other ingredients that are just as harmful to your health, but are almost never covered in the mainstream press?

Grocery Warning reveals what the so-called health authorities refuse to admit about the dangerous ingredients, chemicals and additives in food that directly promote obesity and degenerative disease. Grocery Warning is a must-have guide for every consumer who wishes to protect themselves (and their families) from the life-threatening chemicals found in foods, beverages and grocery products.

Reverse disease and heal your body now!

This information, presented in clear, non-technical language that almost anybody can read and understand, can help you:

  • PREVENT and even help reverse breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and leukemia.
  • CLEAR clogged arteries and eliminate the need for coronary bypass surgery.
  • BANISH diabetes from your life, restore healthy blood sugar balance and end dependence on insulin or diabetes drugs.
  • ENHANCE brain function, memory, mental concentration and capacity by avoiding the foods and chemicals that destroy brain function while consuming “neuroprotective” foods.
  • REBUILD bone mineral density by rebalancing your body’s chemistry through the power of natural foods. Osteoporosis can literally be reversed through dietary changes and exercise.
  • END depression forever, without using drugs, by feeding your brain the nutrients it needs to achieve optimum brain chemistry balance naturally!
  • ELIMINATE migraine headaches for good, and never suffer another skull-splitting episode again.
  • HEAL broken bones, bruises, sprains and strains in half the time by choosing foods that activate your body’s automatic healing processes.
  • SLASH the risk of birth defects by avoiding foods and additives known to interfere with healthy fetal development.

If you truly wish to improve your health, Grocery Warning may be the most important guide you’ll ever read.

That’s because even though people might take supplements or medicines from time to time, we eat every day.

That’s why food has the greatest overall impact on your state of health! When you learn these little-known secrets to avoiding disease-promoting ingredients and additives in your food, you’ll unleash a positive ripple effect on your health that’s stronger than any medication, surgery or health treatment.

Stay Sharp and Informed,

David Rainoshek, M.A.