How to Prevent and Reverse Prostate Cancer!


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  • Revealed: the exact recipe for being 100% prostate cancer free for the rest of your life. I name the exact items you’ll need, giving you the “secret” recipe for lifelong prostate health.
  • The #1 nutrient that’s chronically deficient in nearly all prostate cancer patients (and how you can get this vitamin absolutely free for a lifetime!)
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  • Which foods are a MUST for the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. You’ll learn what they are, where to get them, and the exact forms in which to buy them (hint: don’t buy the popular format of this food, of you’ll do more harm than good…)
  • Watch out! Some manufactured foods contain a chemical trap that can actually worsen your prostate cancer. I’ll show you how to spot the trap and avoid it in seconds!
  • Why 90% of all medical doctors don’t even know the true causes of prostate cancer!
  • The exact names of prostate-cancer reversing nutritional products that pack a potent dose of nutritional medicine in every serving. (I’ll tell you what they are and exactly where to get them. And, no, I don’t earn a dime from any of the products I recommend.)
  • How to slash your prostate cancer risk to nearly zero using 100% natural strategies.
  • The two food items served at virtually every breakfast that, together, increase your prostate cancer risk by over 300%!
  • The one “alternative” food group that will slash your prostate cancer risk by 70%!
  • Which simple-sounding fruit extract has been clinically shown to greatly reduce prostate cancer risk.
  • The role of healthy oils in prostate cancer prevention and treatment: which oils really work and what to look for on the label in order to maximize their protective effects.
  • How to find cancer-busting foods in any grocery store that are clinically proven to slash your prostate cancer risk by 39%, all by themselves!
  • Proven strategies for shifting to a prostate-healing diet rather than a disease-promoting diet.
  • How to alter your own ideas about foods vs. medicine to reshape a belief system that may just save your life!
  • Which ordinary sounding vitamin is actually an “underground” therapeutic agent being used to treat and even reverse prostate cancer in clinics around the world (it saves the lives of 41% of advanced-stage prostate cancer patients). It’s cheap and easy to buy, but beware! If you buy the wrong version, you may end up harming yourself!
  • The one everyday food group you absolutely must avoid if you want to be free of prostate cancer.
  • Why your ego may be part of your cancer problem. Here’s how to get your ego out of the way so that you can accept the healing therapies that can literally save your life!
  • Why doctors and oncologists are dead wrong when they blame prostate cancer on your genes (and how you can overcome any genetic predisposition through simple strategies that really work!)
  • Why your geographic location on the planet has everything to do with your prostate cancer risk (it’s true! Details revealed inside…)
  • How the mainstream press unknowingly gives you life-threatening advice that may seriously harm your health.
  • The real reason why organized medicine won’t dare tell you this information.
  • Which foods contain phytochemicals that literally suppress the growth of prostate cancer tumor cells.
  • Which health-promoting nutritional product to take if you can’t stand the taste of most nutritional supplements.
  • Advanced, alternative strategies for reversing prostate cancer that your doctor will probably never learn.
  • The one “miracle” mineral that causes your prostate cancer risk to plummet by a whopping 63%! (And yet most men remain deficient…)
  • The top medicinal herb that helps halt prostate cancer in its tracks.
  • Which ancient anti-cancer food is now being widely recognized as a potent prostate cancer formula (and it costs just pennies per serving!)

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This book is absolutely packed with priceless information and real-world strategies that are being used to treat and even reverse prostate cancer right now, in healing clinics around the globe.

Stay Sharp, Healthy, and Vigorous, Men!

David Rainoshek, M.A.