Million Dollar Vocabulary!


A breakthrough “Paraliminal” way to dramatically improve your vocabulary

Million Dollar Vocabulary method is easier and more fun than any other vocabulary building program — guaranteed

People with strong vocabularies are thought to have

  • superior intelligence
  • higher education
  • gifted capabilities… “even when it is not true!”

No wonder they earn 3 times more money than someone with an average vocabulary.

Get your piece of the rewards by sharpening your verbal edge for success with your Million Dollar Vocabulary. In a moment we’ll take you on a tour. You will see how in as little as 27 minutes a day you can boost your vocabulary—and have fun with it!

Nothing can help you build financial, career, and social success like carefully chosen words, so the next few minutes are well spent as you learn about the Million Dollar Vocabulary.

In as little as 27 minutes a day, you can significantly boost your vocabulary

Study after study shows that people with a better vocabulary earn more respect and more money. But building vocabulary has been a tedious task, until now…

Introducing, Million Dollar Vocabulary to unequivocally sharpen your verbal edge for success. Featuring new Paraliminal learning sessions that imprints words and their meanings directly into your brain. A vocabulary builder for the new century.

Dear Achiever,

It might be easy for you to see how a strong vocabulary can help further your career. After all, the majority of wealthy and accomplished people have one common trait: they express themselves clearly and precisely.

They know exactly which words to use, and they know the meanings of words they hear and read. They excel at communicating—whether in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Verbally-strong people are perceived as having superior intelligence, higher education, and gifted capabilities, even when it’s not true. The average person simply does not get the advantages that verbally-polished people enjoy, such as:

  • the benefit of the doubt,
  • a second chance,
  • an honest look, and
  • the most money.

No wonder they are successful! Extra advantages make a difference. That’s true whether you want to make a point at work, get a better room at the hotel, receive better service in a restaurant, elicit action from your landlord—anything that requires interaction with another person.

And, that’s what you get with your Million Dollar Vocabulary course: the guidance to build and use a powerful vocabulary. …in an effective, playful manner that is far from intimidating or boring.

On top of all of that, a strong vocabulary means earning
3 times more income

Early research by The Stevens Institute, a New Jersey think tank, and many studies since then have conclusively proven that a large vocabulary is the most noticeable performance characteristic shared by successful professionals. Not physical size, not appearance, not financial backing, not family connections, but vocabulary. Fortunately, you can do something about your vocabulary today.

Those studies show you can earn three times that of someone with only an average command of the English language. Later you will read about a 20-year study of college students. The study showed that students who scored highest on vocabulary tests in college were in the highest income bracket 20 years later. And, those who scored the lowest, earned the least.


People judge you by the words you use

Be assured that nothing makes a stronger, longer-lasting impression than a cogent command of the English language. Just keep your ears open. You will soon notice that the most admired people have strong vocabularies.

To advance in your career, your vocabulary level must surpass that of your peers. Career counselors concur that verbal mastery is directly linked to career advancement. Even if you are more qualified than the next person, count on the person with the keen vocabulary to win. Fair, or not, the world responds to words.

After all, haven’t you ever felt intimidated by someone using words you don’t know? I have. I have felt lost in a fog. While I’m expending considerable mental energy trying to figure it out, the conversation advances without me. I am immediately out of step. A better vocabulary guarantees keeping up with the best of them.

If you want to play with “the big boys”
you better be ready to match their vocabulary

You see, a powerful vocabulary can be like wearing a powersuit to a meeting. It says that you mean business; it projects strength; it gives you the edge. A strong vocabulary is a powersuit that anyone can don at a moment’s notice.

I’ve seen dominant people use language to:

  • get what they want
  • control the conversation
  • manipulate others
  • exert superiority

Put yourself on equal footing. You can counter those verbal bullies by building a strong vocabulary yourself. Get the advantage. In return, you can hold your own in any group and communicate more elegantly. When you choose our Million Dollar Vocabulary you can find this happening automatically—that is, without consciously searching for words.

As a result, you will:

  • get more respect
  • earn more money
  • confidently make your mark

I do not advocate bullying people. Rather, use carefully chosen words to communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively. A strong vocabulary will project strength and confidence even in stressful situations.

Vocabulary operates positively or negatively  in many areas of your life

Have you been humiliated by butchering the language or frustrated at not being able to come up with the right word? How did that affect you? How did it affect you later in the day in other parts of your life? Were you less confident? Did you try to second guess yourself? Did you become irritable?

While a million dollar vocabulary removes obstacles and accelerates goal achievement, a weak vocabulary handicaps and stymies. If you cannot express ideas eloquently, if you hesitate because of uncertainty about the right word, you will appear less than competent and under-qualified. Financial rewards, recognition, and promotion could pass you by.

Your million dollar vocabulary won’t sound pretentious. With every new word, you will communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively with growing confidence.

You involuntarily transfer this confidence for greater success in other areas of your life from losing weight, to playing golf, to making decisions, to improving your home, to making friends… Confidence automatically breeds confidence, just as failure breeds failure.

Vocabulary already works for or against you one way or another. Might as well have it work for you in as many ways as possible.


The Secrets to your new Million Dollar Vocabulary

Play with your course. Don’t work at it. It performs almost magically to help you learn words to accelerate your success.

I promise it won’t be tedious like other vocabulary programs–this program is different. Before we developed it, I listened to many other programs, most of which were ineffective. Repetition. Repetition. Boring repetition. Words were drilled into my head, but few stuck. Have you tried them?

Such traditional methods may ultimately work, but agonizingly slowly. And worse, often they exacerbate the problem. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have better things to do with my time.

Good news: Million Dollar Vocabulary is not traditional. Quick to learn. It will sharpen your verbal edge in the first five minutes–GUARANTEED

I have talked with dozens of our students who want to improve their vocabulary. They describe other programs they have tried: “tiresome,” “dulling,” “seemingly without end.”

That’s when I pulled together our experts Paul Scheele and Michael Bennett. We knew we could do exceedingly better.

Six months later, they handed me the first script, and, “voila”, a winner! Different from any other program. I think you will applaud.

Remember that Paul Scheele, as co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, is a world authority on brain-based, whole-mind learning. If anyone can revolutionize vocabulary learning, it’s Paul.

And Professor Mike Bennett has taught vocabulary as part of his human communication courses at the University of Minnesota for over 20 years. He also has authored a vocabulary course for the American Management Association. His unparalleled verbal expertise is grounded by strict academic standards. I dare say he knows the dictionary inside and out. He is the authority I trust to present dynamic and useful words with humor and charm and effectiveness—in short, with panache.

Purchase and download your course right now and you’ll see what I mean. We strongly believe this course is the best available to improve vocabulary. We back this claim with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund — no questions asked.

We are proud to introduce your Million Dollar Vocabulary: Sharpen your verbal edge for success. I can see you immediately using your powered-up vocabulary to:

  • eliminate misunderstanding
  • write letters to get immediate, polite responses
  • memo instructions to achieve prompt, efficient action
  • prepare speeches that motivate and inspire
  • read with deeper understanding
  • build confidence in all that you do to accomplish more of what you want

A world-class course–it’s expansive, professional, enjoyable, effective

Professor Michael Bennett discerningly presents over 600 words vital to effective communications: the words you need to know for success in today’s world. You garner an awareness and understanding of each and every one of them. You immediately acquire at least 55 new words, probably closer to 150 new words, mastering them with confidence and poise.

For best results, go through your Million Dollar Vocabulary Personal Learning Course multiple times to continue expanding your vocabulary.

Its corpus contains some of the most frequently used words, which most people do not grasp accurately. Plus, Michael, a vocabulary savant, adds his own colorful favorites for flair. As a master teacher and a versatile scholar, he provides many words for everyone at all levels. As you listen, you will find that an expressive, useful vocabulary for precise and exacting communication naturally becomes yours.

Your course includes ten Lessons, two Paraliminal Learning Sessions, and a 64-page playbook PDF you can download immediately to get started. You’ll be with Michael on ten fascinating sessions. Each lesson is around thirty minutes. The lessons and format are designed to meet two standards: You learn easily and enjoyably. And what you learn meets the stringent requirements of academicians worldwide. From the very beginning you realize how much you are acquiring. During the opening montage of each session, words flow into your mind in a word stream unique to the Million Dollar Vocabulary Personal Learning Course.

Your program also features two unequalled Paraliminal programs by Paul Scheele to ensure you learn and use your new vocabulary. Never in vocabulary-building audio programs, live seminars, or multimedia presentations has there been a method closer to effortless and automatic learning than these amazing Paraliminal sessions. They imprint the words into your memory, giving you the verbal advantage.

Paraliminal sessions speak directly to your whole mind, allowing you to learn on a deep, subconscious level. Words and definitions float through your mind, penetrating your long-term memory for permanent use.

The PDF playbook is filled with crossword puzzles and quizzes–creative ways for you to exercise your new vocabulary, words in context, summaries from each session, and an extensive glossary. Michael consulted multiple sources including:

  • “Webster’s Third New International Dictionary Unabridged Edition”
  • “Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary”
  • “The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, New College Edition”
  • “The American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary”
  • “Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary”

As you can expect from a company with our expertise, Million Dollar Vocabulary effects vocabulary growth for people with any learning style preference. Yes, you can have success with this program. Also, you don’t have to be smart to listen to these recordings, though you will be smarter afterward.

Lead the field with Million Dollar Vocabulary

“Not enough people realize that it is our ability to use our language that will determine our place on the social pyramid–and that will also control, to a great extent, the amount of money we will earn during our lives.”

~ Earl Nightingale, “Lead the Field”

A person may dress in the latest fashion and present a very attractive appearance. So far, so good. But the minute he opens his mouth and begins to speak, he proclaims to the world his level on our social pyramid…Our use of our language is the one thing we can’t hide.”

Earl Nightingale was one of the greatest self-improvement speakers and authors of all time, and was co-founder of Nightingale-Conant Corporation.

He wrote of a 20-year study of college graduates. “Without a single exception, those who had scored highest on the vocabulary test given in college, were in the top income group, while those who had scored the lowest were in the bottom income group.”

Startling study

He also wrote of a study by scientist Johnson O’Connor, who gave vocabulary tests to executive and supervisory personnel in 39 large manufacturing companies. “Presidents and vice presidents averaged 236 out of a possible 272 points; managers averaged 168; superintendents, 140; foremen, 114; floor bosses, 86. In virtually every case, vocabulary correlated with executive level and income.”

In a “Reader’s Digest” article titled “Words Can Work Wonders for You,” author Blake Clark told a fascinating story of a salesman in his 50s who scored in the bottom 5% of a standardized vocabulary test. He worked himself into the top 45% and became a vice president of the company.

You can reach the top

We may not all be brilliant enough to be the top in our fields, but we can certainly be in the top 5%–including you.

“Let’s face it,” said Nightingale, “From the earliest times, the favored class of people has always been the educated class. They can make themselves recognized instantly, anywhere, by the simple expedient of speaking a few words. Our language, more than anything else, determines the extent of our knowledge.”

Step out, and make something more of yourself. Order your new Million Dollar Vocabulary today. You will see results immediately.

Satisfaction or your money back

This course may just be Professor Bennett’s “magnum opus”. (“Magnum opus” is a magnificent phrase that precisely describes Mike’s new course. It is one of the phrases you will easily learn to express yourself fully, to get ahead in this world, and to possibly create your own “magnum opus”.)

Experience safe, risk-free learning. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us within 30 days for a full refund. If you don’t find exciting new words automatically filtering into your vocabulary after listening to the course, don’t hesitate to call. If you don’t find yourself understanding more of what others say, don’t worry. If you don’t find people immediately affording you more respect, don’t hesitate to contact us for a full refund. Your satisfaction is foremost.

Immediate Benefits—New words will stream into your daily use

We here at Learning Strategies Corporation have a newfound love for words after working with Mike on this course. It has been mentally invigorating for all of us. We think you will enjoy the course, too, and see immediate benefit.

Brad Johnson, the sound engineer who has worked on all of our audio recordings since the mid 1980s, says that his wife now calls him “my little Merriam Webster,” because of Brad’s vocabulary improvement since being in the studio with Michael and Paul.

If you want to boost your vocabulary, this course will do it. Imagine, never being at a loss for just the right words to clearly express yourself. No more feeling ignorant or inferior. Catapult yourself to a new level of effective communications. Discover yourself in the top 5% of educated adults…without all of the hard work associated with learning vocabulary. Let Mike and Paul accelerate the process for you!

You’ll be glad you got it. Playful. Different. Intelligent. A great way to build your vocabulary.

To Your Health, and the Life it Serves,

David Rainoshek, M.A.