RevWeb Official Launch

RevWeb Official Launch
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Welcome to RevolutionaryWebinars!

This site has been several years in the making, a dream of mine, and a passion. Being an Integral thinker, I have wanted to create a platform and a forum to present Life Practices that I have found have the most traction for personal evolutionary growth. Why?

For the first time in history, we have deep access to all the world’s cultures, worldviews, mythologies, religions, histories, economies, cuisines, discoveries, inventions, diseases, cures, films, humor, animosities, loves, skills, creativity, political ideals, industries, agricultural techniques, poetry, art, books…

We live in the Integral Age, and this comes with it a huge responsibility to widen and deepen our understanding of more of the human experience than ever before. For most of human history, it has been enough to get along – more or less – with our community and our neighbors.

In a global, or Integral Age, we must stretch and open our hearts to perspectives, proclivities, and Ways of Being far beyond our own group, culture, or nation, if we are to encourage a world that does not merely co-exist, but co-creates together from a place of mutual understanding, respect, appreciation, and skillful integration of our various strengths.

As the creator of RevolutionaryWebinars, it is my passion to help usher in the Integral Age by encouraging personal transformative growth to higher, wider, deeper ways of being… In other words, a truly worldcentric and kosmocentric embrace that includes but transcends healthy egocentric and socioeconomic orientations.

To do so requires Life Practices to develop, deepen, and expand ourselves, and I have designed RevolutionaryWebinars to do precisely that.

The webinars and courses you will find on RevWeb are personally designed and/or vetted by myself, David Rainoshek, to develop yourself in multiple domains of deep living to meet the needs of our times.

At the epicenter of RevWeb is the HyperLearning Webinar, book, and course. It is a project over 20 years in the making, and is designed to light up your Mind and Unique Self Purpose in powerful, inspired, creative, evolutionary ways that will cultivate a meaning and self-generated passion for deep living that will never end. Many have reported an enormously renewed sense of hope and larger self purpose from joining the HyperLearning Webinar and engaging in the course materials.

Enjoy exploring the many Webinars and Courses here on RevWeb.

This is your Kosmic call to Integral, ever-expanding evolutionary living, and I am so honored you are here. The miracle is not to evolve, but co-evolve, not to create but co-create.

Let’s do some next-level transformative, Integrative development. Welcome to the leading edge, welcome to the Integral Age of Life Practices, welcome to RevolutionaryWebinars!

Happy Continuation,

David Rainoshek