Sonic Access – Four Seasons


What if you could turn the forces of nature into one of the most powerful self-improvement tools you will ever own?

You would be able to:

  • Overcome obstacles and succeed at what you attempt
  • Generate stunning ideas and golden opportunities
  • Heighten the quality and reward of relationships
  • Improve and stabilize your health and well-being

All by doing nothing more than relaxing and listening, which will put everything into motion.

Sonic Access Four Seasons gives you four extended Paraliminal meditation sessions, one for each season of the year. It helps you tap into the unique frequencies and qualities of the seasons so that you can apply them to your life, your career, your projects, your relationships, your everything.

Winter helps with your Spiritual Growth

As you listen to this Sonic Access session, you open yourself to the benevolent intelligence that graces your being. Winter’s energy offers you a profound opportunity to go deep within to gain insight, support, and wisdom to manifest your highest good. Ready yourself for new ideas and projects to come into being. Establish a safe, clear, deep connection to your true life purpose.

  • Deepen your growth in wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Open your inner ears to the great song of creation.
  • Dwell in the great stillness of mind that winter invites.
  • Connect with the vivid imagery and feeling of your genetic potential.
  • Expand your ability to receive infinite resources.
  • Establish a safe and clear connection to your purpose.

Spring helps with your Health & Well-being

Capture Spring’s energy to release the natural healing abilities of your body, mind, and soul each time you do this meditation. Enhance the health and well-being of the world and of any project you are contemplating. Renew and invigorate every cell of your body. Balance your energy, and clear the way for new possibilities.

  • Experience the exuberance and fertility of Spring’s energy.
  • Purify your body and mind.
  • Tap Spring’s healing energy.
  • Get the left and right hemispheres of your brain working together.
  • Automatically activate the flow of your stored memories for your benefit.
  • Stimulate endorphins to elevate your mood.
  • Stabilize your body and brain to enter into the ideal learning state.
  • Increase your concentration and focus.

Summer helps with your Success

Tap into the vitality and intensity of Summer to revitalize your creative spirit with this meditation. Attract the best energy to propel your success and realize the abundance that is your birthright. Direct all your passion and creativity toward every goal and dream you dare to accomplish. Live far beyond the limits of previous beliefs about what is possible for you.

  • Optimize the flow of energy to your goals.
  • Achieve every goal you dare set.
  • Tap into the continuous flow of nature’s creative energy.
  • Live beyond the limits of beliefs about what is possible for you.
  • Intuitively know the exact steps to take.
  • Direct all your passion to bring any project to success.
  • Resonate with high vibrational energy for succcess.

Autumn helps with your Relationships

Draw on Autumn’s energy to harvest the blessings and gifts from all your relationships. Strengthen your associations within any project, job, or venture. Free yourself from energy that no longer serves you. Balance the intensity needed to achieve results with the time to enjoy your loved ones. Build relationships in work and play that create well-being for yourself and our world.

  • Gather the blessings that come with your relationships.
  • Strengthen your relationships with coworkers and teammates.
  • Balance the intensity needed to bring in your results with time to enjoy loved ones.
  • Be open to receive the abundance of your birthright.
  • Receive gifts and treasures.


Dear Friend,

The energy of the four seasons rules the animal kingdom, breathes life into landscapes, creates incredible abundance, and drives massive dormancy. Everything shifts season to season—the color of the sky, movement of the clouds, temperature of the air, and how life lives. It has kept our planet alive and thriving for millions of years. And now you can get the energy shifts of the seasons to work for you…

The power of nature is pervasive. You cannot get away from it.

You see, feel, hear, taste, and smell how the energy shifts from season to season, such as from Summer to Autumn. Has it ever occurred to you that it massively affects how you live? Scientists say that the seasons affect every aspect of your body. Psychologists say they affect your emotions and your mental processing. Energy healers and spiritual masters say they affect you energetically.

Put all of this together and it becomes obvious how the subtle, yet powerful, forces of nature provide you an amazing portal—probably untapped—to greater success, balanced health, richer relationships, and spiritual growth.

You can leverage this awesome power thanks to the newest addition to Paul Scheele’sSonic Access Paraliminal meditations called Sonic Access Four Seasons.

A few years past, Paul worked with scientists, sound engineers, composers, musicians, and the most well-respected and powerful energy workers of the world to create the originalSonic Access. It’s based on how sound impacts your physical, emotional, and mental well-being—whether you know it or not. He developed the Sonic Access methodology for you to access your internal power generator and unleash your highest potential.

This time Paul uses the extraordinary Power of Sound to employ the Power of Nature, giving you unrelenting support in all of your endeavors. As an example of what this can mean for you, thanks to Paul’s breakthrough work, you’ll be able to activate the abundance-generating aspects of Summer, even during the dormancy of Winter. In other words, when your natural propensity is to slow down and draw you inward, you can activate Summer’s energy of full intensity and vitality as you need it.

No, you will not learn to fool Mother Nature. You will simply put Mother Nature to work for you, which she will do graciously, unceasingly, and with ease. So when the world around you is in the harvest mode of Autumn, you can activate the energies of Spring to start a new project. You can even amplify the harvest energies of Autumn to reap greater rewards for yourself.

The possibilities are endless

Think of what you can manifest harnessing this power. It can support you stabilizing your job with your employer. It can help you land a new job. It can help you get projects done on time with less resistance and more satisfaction. It can fire up your mind to find creative solutions to tough problems and help make the solutions work. It can help create meaningful experiences for you and your loved ones so that you can enjoy life, with or without buckets of money. It can help you find peace. And it is as easy as listening to these beautiful Paraliminal meditations.

They uncovered interesting connections

In creating the new Sonic Access Four Seasons, Paul Scheele consulted with Chunyi Lin(creator of Spring Forest Qigong), Marie Diamond (creator of Diamond Feng Shui), andJeddah Mali (author of Seeds of Enlightenment). They all have devoted their lives to revealing ancient wisdom to the modern world, which we’ve supported through personal learning courses, seminars, and retreats.

We all know that everything is energy. Chunyi, Marie, and Jeddah know it in ways the rest of us might not be able to fathom. Thankfully, they enthusiastically and generously guided Paul in the best ways to benefit from the energetic power of each season.

Through them we learned that each season helps with a specific area of your life. Winter helps with your spiritual growth, Spring with your health and well-being, Summer with your success, and Autumn with your relationships.

So… if health is a concern for you, you should focus on your efforts for health with extra intensity and intention during Spring. And, during the rest of the year, you should activate Spring energies for added support. Similarly, if you are interested in financial success, don’t vacation away your Summer. The energies all around you support your success, so capitalize on it!

Paul then crafted each of the four seasonal meditations to bathe you in the same vibrational energy through sounds, music, imagery, colors, emotion, and the elements AND connect your conscious and non-conscious mind to those vibrations. That’s the key. It is a fully integrated approach.

You’ll find a lot more information about the different aspects of the seasons and the different technologies that we used with this new program in the enclosed brochure. You really don’t need to understand it, because Paul works with your genius mind during these four new Paraliminal meditations so that it becomes automatic for you.

You don’t need to be a meditator

And if you’re not a meditator, never fear! These are based on our Paraliminal technology, which means all you need to do is put on stereo headphones, push play, close your eyes, and enjoy the experience. If you love to meditate, you’ll be able to take the experience ofSonic Access Four Seasons to even higher levels of consciousness with more results. I’m impressed at how Paul created this program to work with you on so many levels. It’s amazing.

Honestly, I think this is Paul’s best program yet. There is something to be said about the wisdom that comes with growing older, especially when you have Paul’s genius mind and his spiritual wherewithal. I think anyone would be hard put not to get value from Sonic Access Four Seasons and see significant progress toward any important goal. The possibilities are limitless.

I recommend that you begin by doing the four different meditations within a week of getting the program. Then listen to the meditation for the current season three or four times—more often if you’re so moved. As each new season comes into being, listen to the meditation for that season–we will even send you an email the first of each new season as a gentle reminder to tap into the energies! This can become a wonderful ritual for you and a constant reminder to stay aligned with nature.


For Your Personal Best,

David Rainoshek, M.A.


P.S. Even after just one listening, you’ll feel the power of the new Sonic Access Four Seasons—the next generation of the ever-popular Paraliminals. You’ll immediately begin your transformation toward greater success, richer relationships, balanced health, and spiritual growth by tapping into the energies of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Sonic Access Four Seasons brings together Paul Scheele’s unique Paraliminal technology, the cutting-edge audio frequencies of Holosync, the energy principles of Diamond Feng Shui, the qualities of Seeds of Enlightenmentand the healing sounds of Spring Forest Qigong, all wrapped up in beautiful and transformative music.

We’re so excited about Sonic Access Four Seasons that we’d like you to experience this unique technology as soon as you possibly can. As always, if you’re not 100 percent satisfied, send it back for a full product refund within 30 days—absolutely guaranteed.


More Details? Okay!

Your Next Generation Paraliminals bridge science and spirit to expand your potential

The ancient “Solfeggio Scale” activates your DNA when listening

As you listen to Sonic Access Four Seasons you will hear the six tones of the ancient Solfeggio Scale, which is a first for a Sonic Access program. In the early Christian period these frequencies were thought to have powerful healing affects on the physical body, mind, and soul.

These frequencies, which were based on an entirely different tuning method than today’s Western method, are believed to stimulate expanded creativity, problem-solving, and health and wellness, as reported by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Today many holistic practitioners, energy healers, and sound therapists use the Solfeggio frequencies in chanting or with tuning forks and music bowls tuned specifically for this purpose. Because everything in the universe is energy, including our bodies and minds, the energy of these frequencies resonates right down to the cellular level. You’ll notice it the very first time you listen.

Modern “Holosync” frequencies build new neural pathways

Another important component of Sonic Access technology is the embedded Holosync frequencies created by Centerpointe Research. These frequencies resonate with the brain directly. They create states associated with rapid, easy learning, and access to higher intelligence. The Holosync frequencies help shift your brain waves from beta and alpha…to theta…and, at times, all the way to delta rhythms—the same brain states of deep relaxation that occur in profound meditative states. In the process Holosync frequencies also increase whole brain function, because new neural connections are created between the right and left brain hemispheres.

“The Heart Sutra” helps you understand the universe

Each season comes on its own CD with three tracks. The first track is the Paraliminal meditation and is exactly 28 minutes, which according to Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin matches the amount of time it takes for energy to move through your body. The third track is a song created by Paul Hoffman and Paul Scheele and sung by musicians who also sing with Michael B. Beckwith’s Agape Spiritual Choir.

On each music-only track you will hear Chunyi Lin chanting Buddha’s Heart Sutra in Chinese to help you integrate the benefits of what you have learned into your body and mind.

Regarded as the summation of Buddha’s wisdom, the Heart Sutra perfectly expresses the insight attained by nonattachment, the “doctrine of emptiness.” Chunyi Lin regularly chants the Heart Sutra in his personal meditation, because it is the most effective chant to understand the universe and achieve spiritual enlightenment. The ancient formula of sound provides a tremendous benefit that goes beyond your conscious mind’s ability to perceive it.

“Tubes of Light” helps purify your being

During the meditations you will experience a purification process similar to the powerfulTubes of Light visualization that Marie Diamond teaches in her programs including Diamond Feng ShuiDiamond Dowsing, and Diamond Quantum Colors. You’ll imagine a series of light energy colors that come around you. It’s as if you are standing within a tube of purifying light energy.

“Eidetics” helps fulfill your destiny

In the meditations Paul Scheele will use a remarkable technology called “eidetics” to help you connect into eidetic images that carry vivid imagery, vivid meaning, and vivid feeling. These images will help you reach a dormant genetic potential that desires to become visible and known.

The inner guidance offered from this deep source can bring you the exact next steps in the direction of your goal.

And, of course, The Power of Paraliminals

Sonic Access is a Paraliminal—the most popular program in the Learning Strategies library. However, we call the Sonic Access Paraliminals Paraliminal meditations, because they are longer than the typical Paraliminal and they are set up so that you can go longer and deeper than ever before.

The unique Paraliminal technology was developed by Paul Scheele, who you’ll hear on your new CDs. Paraliminal, as derived from the Greek “para” (beyond) and “liminal” (threshold), means “beyond the threshold of conscious awareness.” Paraliminals help you get to the core of your genius mind.

State-of-the-art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your head. When you listen with stereo headphones, the Paraliminal meditations send multilevel communications to each hemisphere of the brain. You will hear a variety of messages coming into each ear in a soothing, effective, and pleasurable way, all to activate your whole mind in a way unlike any other audio technology.

And as with the regular Paraliminals…

There are no exercises to do.
Nothing to practice. No homework.

Just listen to the soothing, meditative sessions, and you’ll tap into all levels and layers of your being—right down to your DNA.


Sonic Access Four Seasons Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course include?

The course includes a 47 page manual and 5 CDs. The first CD is an introductory CD and the other 4 CDs are Paraliminal meditations. Each season has a distinct energy pattern and evokes a corresponding rhythm within us. The meditations draw from the energy of the seasons. You will find beautiful meditations for Spiritual Growth tied with Winter, Health with Spring, Success with Summer and Relationships with Fall.

What can I expect to find on the CDs?

CD 1: Paul Scheele’s Introductory CD: Paul explains the technology behind the Sonic Access and prepares you for effective listening sessions.

CDs 2-5 (Winter & Spiritual Growth, Spring & Health, Summer & Success, Autumn & Relationships). The first track is a guided Paraliminal with Paul Scheele (about 1/2 hour). The second track has 28 minutes of cutting-edge Holosync audio tones blended with beautiful music, nature tones, and Chunyi Lin’s Heart Sutra chant. The track completes with a 3 minute song to lift your spirit and send you soaring!

How long is each CD? 

Each CD is about an hour.

What will the course do for me?

Each meditation connects with a specific energy of a particular season and intention to help you create change in a very deep way. During the year we intuitively sense four distinct energetic patterns. In Winter we go within to gain wisdom and replenish ourselves. In Spring we make room for things to grow. In Summer we engage in longer periods of activities and cultivate our success. In Autumn we harvest the fruits of our labor.

Each meditation offers a distinct experience of the transformative power of nature to maximize the benefits to your body, mind, and emotions.

Do I have to listen to an entire meditation CD in one listening?

No. CDs 2-5 are an hour in length. One option is to listen to the Paraliminal track 1 (1/2 hour) to receive great benefit. Track 2 is optional, but listening to it will give you the full benefit intended in the conception of the course.

How should I do the course? For how long? How much each day?

Begin with the first CD, which explains how everything works then move on to the special Success, Relationships, Health, and Spiritual Growth meditations. How many times you listen depends on your goals–it’s all explained with your course.

How are these CDs different from your other Paraliminals?

Sonic Access is the NEXT GENERATION of our highly effective Paraliminals. Sonic Access takes a different approach to personal transformation that utilizes several of our other note-worthy products including Paraliminal and Holosync technologies, Diamond Feng Shui, Spring Forest Qigong and some of the insights of Jeddah Mali. It is a phenomenal program.

I already own the first set of Sonic Access CDs. How are these CDs different?

The first series of Sonic Access CDs help you tap into your body’s complex energy field to help you accomplish whatever you want.

The second series goes above and beyond, in helping you connect with the distinct energy vibrations of each season, to help you create change and manifest your goals and intentions.

During the year we intuitively sense four distinct energetic patterns. In Winter we go within to gain wisdom and replenish ourselves. In Spring we make room for things to grow. In Summer we engage in longer periods of activities and cultivate our success. In Autumn we harvest the fruits of our labor.

Each meditation offers a distinct experience of the transformative power of nature to maximize the benefits to your body, mind, and emotions.

Why would I want to purchase this course? I already have so many of your other courses and all your Paraliminals.

All of our programs are designed to help you reach your highest potential. Some, like Million Dollar Vocabulary, are more narrowly focused on one area of self-improvement, while others, such as Abundance for Life, help you tap into wealth and abundance in every area of your life. The Paraliminals are ideal for targeting specific issues and challenges you are working on in your life. Sonic Access helps all of our programs work better, and it helps direct your inner mind to get the results you want. Besides, learning is life long, and you always want to be feeding positive material into your mind.

What is in the manual? How do I use it?

Read the first half of the manual after listening to CD 1. It contains great information about goal setting and also has specifics on how to ascertain your personal best directions (from the Diamond Feng Shui Course), which Paul suggests you utilize when listening to CDs 2-5.

The second part of the manual is informational, with background materials and substantiation. Read it when you want additional clarity on why the program is set-up as it is and what the various benefits are.

I own the Perfect Health & Positive Relationships Paraliminal CDs. Are the Health & Relationships CDS from Sonic Access similar?

They complement and support each other, but they take different approaches, which should mean better results.

Sonic Access and iPods

Centerpointe Research, the developers of Holosync technology, said it is okay to put Sonic Access CDs with Holosync on iPods, and it will not affect the effectiveness of Holosync.

Why is there a period of silence on the music track?

It is not silence. If you listen with stereo headphones you will hear a relaxing nature sound such as a babbling brook or bird-song to help boost relaxation and our natural attunement to the cycles of nature in the seasons. That is the way it was designed. Remember, it is the meditation without Paul’s voice.

The advantage of the near-silence is for those who use the track to continue their meditation. Meditating in silence is a very powerful form of meditation and the length of near-silence on the Sonic Access tracks is the perfect length for learning to meditate in silence. The music resumes gracefully so the transition back to full sound is beautifully ideal.

Does this Holosync take you to the Delta or Theta level?

Sonic Access, in the depths of the meditation, contains a Delta track. It lasts about 7 minutes. According to Bill Harris, there are no Centerpointe products that carry one. No other Paraliminals carry that track either.

Sonic Access Four Seasons Includes:

A 48-page course guidebook to help you maximize your results

Introduction CD:

Track 1 – How to Use Sonic Access Four Seasons
Track 2 – Seasonal Energies
Track 3 – Transformative Power of Sound
Track 4 – Your Meditation Journey
Track 5 – Cycles of Abundance
Track 6 – Cycles of Progress, Cycles of Change Song

Winter & Spiritual Growth CD:

Track 1 – Winter & Spiritual Growth Meditation
Track 2 – Music Meditation for Winter & Spiritual Growth
Track 3 – Song for Winter & Spiritual Growth

Spring & Health CD:

Track 1 –Spring & Health Meditation
Track 2 – Music Meditation for Spring & Health
Track 3 – Song for Spring & Health

Summer & Success CD:

Track 1 –Summer & Success Meditation
Track 2 – Music Meditation for Summer & Success
Track 3 – Song for Summer & Success

Autumn & Relationships CD:

Track 1 –Autumn & Relationships Meditation
Track 2 – Music Meditation for Autumn & Relationships
Track 3 – Song for Autumn & Relationships

Tap nature’s cycle of abundance

Leverage the transformative energies of nature to quickly shift your energy and free your infinite spirit to excel and prosper. These extraordinary Paraliminal Meditations draw on the wisdom of Masters Chunyi Lin, Marie Diamond, and Jeddah Mali to help you understand the subtle influences at work in our benevolent universe.

Sonic Access Four Seasons integrates Paul Scheele’s unique Paraliminal technology, the powerful audio frequencies of Holosync, and the ancient Solfeggio scale within the beautiful music of Paul Hoffman. Just sit back, relax, and listen with stereo headphones to ride the waves of energy that each season brings. You will align your body and mind to attract the resources you need so you achieve every goal you dare accomplish.

Simply allow the four seasons to automatically transform you

Sonic Access Four Seasons gives you four extended Paraliminal Meditation sessions, one for each season of the year. It helps you tap into the unique frequencies and qualities of the seasons so that you can apply them to your life, your career, your projects, your relationships, your everything.
  • Winter helps with your spiritual growth
  • Spring helps with your health & well-being
  • Summer helps with your success
  • Autumn helps with your relationships

See for yourself how the power of nature can help you transform!