Surthrival Series!


Don’t just SURVIVE the coming revolution — learn how to THRIVE through it!

As protests continues to grow in major cities worldwide, those who are paying attention know that a time of rioting and collapse is fast approaching. European banks are on the brink of default, and a collapse in Europe will drag the U.S. even more deeply into its own downward spiral of financial insolvency.

How long can the system hold out before we see massive protests, riots and even a “second American revolution” begin to unfold? More importantly, how will you not only *survive* the inevitable disruptions in basic resources (water, electricity, heating oil, local law enforcement, etc.) but how will you THRIVE through any crisis and always come out ahead?

Real solutions for people who live in cities or suburbs

My friend Daniel Vitalis is not only the founder of one of the most innovative nutritional supplement companies in America (, he’s also an expert in primitive skills such as food foraging, fire starting, and shelter construction. One day as we were talking about primitive skills and the coming “reboot” of society (as he calls it), I asked the question, “Why isn’t there a course on preparedness and survival for people living in the cities or suburbs?”

Most of the preparedness information available today is geared toward wilderness survival. But most people don’t live in the wilderness — they live in the city or surrounding suburbs. They might have a small yard to grow some veggies, but they don’t have huge acreage to go foraging for wild food, for example. They have a roof over their heads, but when the electricity and heating oil stops, they don’t necessarily know how to stay warm and well fed inside their house or apartment.

In other words: How do city people survive the crisis that we all sense is coming?

Introducing the Surthrival Series

To help answer this question, Daniel Vitalis and I (the Health Ranger) put together a totally unique preparedness and survival course that teaches and even demonstrates the skills you need to survive in any city, suburb or even a ranch setting.

Most importantly, this is not a “Rambo survival course” that tries to dramatize Man vs. the Wild. This is not a “run around a shoot everybody and be the last man standing” survival course. Instead, this is a thoughtful, thorough instructional course that focuses on the real skills you will need to survive and thrive: Skills like food preservation, bartering, staying warm in a cold climate, redundant systems for light and heat, how to deal with refugees who need help, how to rig your own non-lethal self defense weapons, and other valuable topics.

Better yet, we don’t just show you the skills you need to thrive in any crisis, we share with you the principles of strategic thinking that will get you through almost any situation imaginable.

We’ve packaged it all in an online course that you can watch instantly through NaturalNews.TV, our highly popular video site. This course consists of 10 online videos that you can watch on any PC or Mac, plus 3 downloadable audio files (MP3) that you can download and listen to on your iPhone, MP3 player or any computer.

What you’re about to learn may keep you and your family alive

How useful is the information you’ll find in this course? It could spell the difference between life and death. And yet, most people don’t know this information. They assume the tap water will always function; that the electrical grid will always be available; and that 911 emergency services will always respond. But in a breakdown scenario, none of these things are likely to be operational, leaving us all to fend for ourselves.

How will you do that?

The Surthrival Series gives you practical, low-tech solutions that really work to protect your safety, support your basic necessities, and keep you and your family warm and well fed.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this information-packed course:

* Why you need a Surthrival course: The most likely causes of disruption or collapse.

* How you can feel more confident and prepared in facing the future with the skills and knowledge you need to stay safe.

* Why society may be more fragile than you think, affecting banking and trade, food deliveries, municipal infrastructure and more.

* Did you realize this? Urban planners never planned cities to suffer functional breakdowns.

* Extraordinary tip: How to get FREE courses in emergency medicine, first aid, emergency rescue and much more — right in your own local community!

* Why we are already IN the collapse. It has begun!

* Why preparedness transforms fear into confidence.

* How to stay balanced in being “prepared” for possible breakdowns in society while also remaining positive enough to stay confident.

* How to prepare right now even if you life in an apartment or condo in a high-population city.

* What simple source of carbohydrates you can store that will literally last for hundreds of years in storage.

* How to use “counter thinking” to acquire supplies and resources when they are cheap and readily available.

* Key barter items that are cheap now but will be almost invaluable in a collapse scenario.

* How to protect yourself from radiation, GMOs, petrochemicals, contaminated water and other planet-wide threats to your health.

* Why modern society is so distorted that it promotes and favors sociopaths and narcissists — and why that will quickly shift in the post-collapse reality.

* Why you should think about your stored food in terms of “thermal units” for heat and not just calories for powering activity.

* Why SURVIVAL food is not HIKING food. And why granola bars are basically horse food!

* Why the water infrastructure in every major city is likely to suffer disruptions (or total failures) in almost any survival scenario.

* Why to think seriously about the water supply of where you live: Huge regions of North America, Australia and other countries will quickly return to deserts in a collapse.

* Why typical “survival kits” are just toys. They won’t keep you alive when you need them. Learn what works better.

* Why most survival foods (MREs, etc.) are loaded with genetically modified vegetable oils and other garbage ingredients.

* Why “people skills” are crucial survival skills.

* Why a post-collapse world could actually lead to healthier people in the long run.

* How to intelligently assess your local climate to prepare for the proper shelter and temperature variation.

* How to survive in your home through any winter even without your furnace working!

* How to source and easily assemble the Health Ranger’s secret light beam weapon for temporarily blinding groups of attackers — no one else is talking about this!

* The four elements — earth, water, wind, fire — and what they have to do with Surthrival.

* Why traditional “survival” foods are often extremely toxic and may even harm you!

* Strategies for getting out of the city during a crisis, including finding alternative routes and practicing escape routes.

* Great advice on light-producing devices which should always be in your carry kit.

* Key strategies for redundancy for your most high-priority tools or systems.

* Why you have to change your food buying habits when thinking about preparedness foods — you’ve got to aim for MORE calories in your food, not less. This is the opposite of the food purchasing habits people follow right now.

* Inexpensive preparedness food items you can find at a regular grocery store.

* Why merely STORING food isn’t a complete solution — you need to GROW food to live sustainably. Stored food is merely “transition” food, says Vitalis.

* Which skills will suddenly become extremely valuable in a post-collapse scenario.

* How to use silver to “preserve” your stored water and protect it from pathogens.

* Tips on how to transport water.

* How to avoid being ripped off by cheap tools, cheap knives and other cheap tools that will fail when you need them most.

* An awesome cordage tying technique, demonstrated by Daniel Vitalis. This technique allows you to keep long cords without tangling them!

* The importance of eating clay (yes, eating CLAY) to protect yourself from toxins and radiation.

* Why the trace element iodine is so crucial to stock in your preparedness medicine chest.

* Unusual nutritional strategies for removing BPA (bisphenol-A), radiation and toxic chemicals from your body.

* Why “success” in surthrival is not merely about surviving, but also protecting your genetic code.

* How to choose a properly-sized backpack to carry just the right amount of gear.

* How to choose a water carrier that protects your water and keeps it cool. Why to consider ceramic…

* Why most people vastly underestimate the temperature variation in nature, especially at night.

* Why you need to own and carry a thermal under layer made partially from merino wool.

* Why you should cover your body’s “pulse points” with thermal protection during cold nights or cold weather.

* Why you should never buy a bright color backpack if you really want to survive in the wilderness.

* Key preparedness gear that can protect you from dust, keep you warm and even hide your face out in the woods.

* Why natural wool is a far better material for warmth and protection compared to synthetic fibers like polypropylene.

* Why you should always carry a map of the area in which you live (and add it to your kit).

* Important tips for navigation, using a compass, having a declination chart, etc.

* Which brand of compass works the most reliably year after year.

* Light, portable, high-value items that are perfect for barter.

* Why you need a small, portable magnifier

* Watch Daniel ignite wood with a magnifying glass.

* How to reduce the noise level of your pack and gear, to be quiet as you move through any environment.

* The most practical multi-tool for using both in the wilderness as well as urban environments.

* Tips about the ultimate wilderness tool – the “survival knife” and why it’s not what you think.

* Advanced techniques for using a survival knife to split wood, cut trees for shelter, shave wood for starting fires and much more.

* Why you need a dry sack to protect important documents and tools.

* The importance of cordage and why you need to stock up on the right kind of cord.

* Cold weather strategies for staying warm or treating hypothermia.

* Which brand and models of LED lights are highly recommended for reliable, long-term use.

* How to wear a knife so that it is accessible yet secure.

* Why you are probably vastly underestimating your need for quality cutting edges (knives).

* What kind of survival / preparedness gear to AVOID buying.

* Demonstration video of using a woodsman knife to chop a tree for firewood, shelter construction, a fence post, etc. Also includes a video demonstration of a technique called “batoning.”

* The ultimate toothpaste — it’s made with clay! Here’s the product that protects your gums, cleans your teeth, and provides protection against toxic substances.

* Information about zeolites and how they can be used to pull toxic material out of your body. (These were used to help clean Chernobyl.)

* Why the food supply may experience severe disruptions in a collapse scenario — and how we can become more independent with our own food supply.

* Why it’s important to know your local food providers before a crisis appears.

* Strategies for raising your own meat on a small scale.

* Tips for gathering wild food: Foraging and hunting.

* Why using your lawn to grow grass is a waste of resources: In the near future, lawns will be used to produce FOOD.

* Strategies for food storage and how to make sure the food you store is the food that will power you through realistic situations you are likely to encounter.

* Why you should sprout all stored grains before you eat them!

* Why you should consider storing large quantities of OILS for preparedness — and we’ll reveal the No. 1 best oil to store (hint: You can’t usually find it at the grocery store.)

* Strategies for choosing storable foods that last for years on the shelf and yet provide high-density calories when needed.

* Why SALT will almost certainly become scarce in a collapse scenario — and where to get it right now dirt cheap from a surprising source.

* How to source and store hard-to-get omega-3 fatty acids for long-term preparedness.

* How to become proficient in wild plant medicine and food in a relatively short period of time.

* Tips for choosing seeds to grow your plants, and then how to “evolve” your plants generation after generation to be better suited to your local soils and climate.

* Fascinating thoughts on how the human species has been altered and why the gene pool is shifting.

* How to avoid losing stored food to rodents or insects.

* Understanding your body’s needs for clean water — and how to provide the very best water in the world.

* Busted: the “Spring Water” hoax — most of it is actually well water!

* How to find water-producing springs using a clever online map.

* Why nearly all surface water on our planet has been contaminated with nuclear fallout from decades of nuclear bomb tests.

* Why it’s important to actually store water in your home.

* The coming age of water wars.

* Important strategies for sourcing and owning water filters — how to make sure you always have one accessible.

* What happens when Los Angeles runs out of water? Vitalis discusses various scenarios…

* A video demonstration of the Katadyn Expedition ceramic water filter (hand pumped, filters enough water for a whole neighborhood).

* Why “nice neighbors” suddenly transform into something very different when water or food becomes scarce.

* The coming phase of collapse: People will begin to abandon the cities.

* Why all these cities are completely unsustainable: Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, Tucson, and more.

* Why “earth changes” are completely normal and common, and why the coming changes will make major cities uninhabitable.

* Why this course goes BEYOND mere “survival” and teaches how we stay healthy and thrive through any crisis or collapse. This isn’t about guns and ammo as much as it is about seeds and strategies.

* Estimates on the survival count following a global economic collapse.

* Why mental preparedness is just as important as physical preparedness.

* What will happen to the “shelter” properties of your house if electricity and heating oil supplies are disrupted?

* Learn about the No. 1 killer in the outdoors and how to avoid it with proper planning and equipment.

* Why your current level of body fat dramatically affects your ability to survive in different temperature climates.

* The physics of conduction and how to leverage these principles to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

* Strategies for “base layer” clothing – the best materials and layering tips.

* Tips for easily and affordably generating short-term heat in your home.

* Tips for using FOOD to boost your body heat and stay warm.

* Why growing your own food requires huge calories and necessarily alters the way you think about food and caloric intake.

* How to create your own insulated sleeping gear even if you don’t have a sleeping bag around.

* Myths about camp fires and fireplaces — they’re mostly cosmetic and really don’t keep you warm (we explain why).

* Why it’s smart to become familiar with using a woodstove for heat and cooking.

* Advice on sourcing practical, lightweight tents in case you need shelter that’s mobile.

* How to use heat to “sweat out” radiation and toxins.

* My #1 top recommended flashlight: Lasts a lifetime and can also be used as a self defense tool.

* How to use LIGHT as a powerful defensive tool.

* How to project a sense of confidence in public to avoid being targeted by bad people.

* How to out-intimidate would-be attackers to make them think twice about attacking you or your property.

* The really big preparedness issue almost no one thinks about: Dealing with refugees from the cities.

* Strategies for growing a “stealth garden” that isn’t easily recognizable as a sign of being “stocked up” on food.

* Why disruptions in 911 and emergency services can cause “normal” people to suddenly become criminal minds.

* The best fire-starting gear — what really works (and this may surprise you).

* Important safety tips for storing fuels, candles or lighters.

* Who to be sure to network with in your local community to make sure you’re considered part of the solution and not the problem.

… and much more.

When you get this Surthrival course, you’ll receive these three bonus items FREE:

Bonus Item #1) How to create your own GO BAG ($19 value)

In this bonus audio program, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) reveals his own personal recipe for creating a food preparedness GO BAG — a bag that you can grab and go in any emergency, supplying you with food, cooking supplies, water filtration equipment and basic food prep utensils.

In this 90-minute downloadable MP3 audio program, you’ll learn:

* Which foods you can buy at any grocery store that should be part of your go bag.

* Which superfoods will boost your emergency nutrition during a crisis.

* Why you should avoid glass containers and actually go with plastic.

* Which food basics to be sure to include in your bag.

* Recommendations on the actual brand of super heavy duty duffel bags to consider as your go bag.

* Details on the world’s best portable water filtration equipment that you’ll want to include.

* Which water bottles, cups and boiling pans to consider including.

* The exact brand name of the portable camp cooking device to include in your go bag (it can boil water and make soup, tea, or hot beverages).

* A list of the exactly cooking utensils to include in your go bag — it’s just enough to get the job done while staying light in weight.

* Advice on lighters, matches, soaps, bleach, cleaning devices, plastic storage bags and much more.

* How to protect your go bag from mice, ants or other pests.

* How to find “processed food” that’s actually decent for your health and will have a long shelf life.

* Which food bars to consider including in your go bag — high-density nutrition without the chemical additives.

* Advice on items to AVOID putting in your food go bag.

* Strategies for carrying water in a vehicle, and which storage containers to consider.

* Additional authentic commentary from Mike Adams on the coming collapse, the need to prepare, and why most people won’t listen until it’s too late.

Bonus #2) Five Mental Strategies for Surviving Anytime, Anywhere ($19 value)

In this bonus audio program, the Health Ranger reveals his most protected secrets that kept him alive during episodes of being stalked and threatened by Big Pharma operatives. You’ll learn some of the most powerful methods for avoiding conflict and getting your business done without attracting attention.

Inside, you’ll learn:

+ How to blend in and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

+ The importance of setting your ego aside and backing down from a fight.

+ How to observe the people around you and then mimic them to fit in.

+ How to anticipate the warning signs of imminent collapse.

+ Which basic skills can increase your total resourcefulness, allowing you to accomplish more with less.

+ Why you need to be ahead of the crowd when the financial collapse comes (and ways to make sure you really are).

+ Why “gearing up” alone won’t save you during the collapse. You also need these crucial skills…

+ A lifesaving lesson the Health Ranger learned from his knife instructor (and why you should always remember this lesson if conflict looks imminent).

+ Understanding personal space boundaries and using them to stay safe while blending in.

+ How to project an unconscious message that you are not a person to be messed with (and why this is important).

+ The philosophy of the ethical warrior: Helping others when they are in need, yet viciously defending yourself, your family and your property when absolutely necessary.

Learn all this and more in the Five Mental Strategies for Surviving Anytime, Anywhere. The full download is available FREE as part of this package. Listen to the MP3 file on any mobile device: iPod, iPad, mobile phone or MP3 player.

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All MP3 files are downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac or MP3 player!

All the MP3 files in this course are FULLY DOWNLOADABLE so you can download them all and listen to the course at your leisure, on any device that plays MP3 files.

These are high-quality MP3s (320k) that are far superior to typical MP3 files used with audio books, for example. Load ‘em up on your favorite MP3 player and enjoy the program!

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Tremendous value — get INSTANT ACCESS now

In all, you can’t really put a price on the value of this course. You get:

* 10 streamable videos
* 3 downloadable audio files
* 2 valuable bonus items
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I hope you enjoy this course. Mike and Daniel are stellar teachers, and valuable colleagues in the worlds of Natural Health and Revolutionary Self-Reliance.

Why Surthrival?

+ This course is designed for people who live in CITIES or SUBURBS. These are skills to keep you alive, protected, warm and well fed even in an apartment, condo or house in a neighborhood.

+ This is about much more than mere “survival.” It’s about how to THRIVE before, during and after any collapse.

+ The Surthrival Series contains the latest strategies and advice from Mike Adams and Daniel Vitalis. Filmed and recorded in 2011!

+ All the videos are streamable, and the MP3 audio files are downloadable so you can listen to them anywhere.

+ Get THREE huge bonuses as part of this offer (see bottom of text on the left).

+ Includes DISCOUNT CODES to save hundreds of dollars off water filters, storable foods and more.

Possible causes of disruptions, riots or collapse

+ Continued expansion of Occupy Wall Street protests

+ European bank failures bringing down U.S. banks

+ Collapse of U.S. debt followed by dollar hyperinflation

+ War in the Middle East – will Israel strike Iran?

+ Natural disasters: Tsunamis, earthquakes, storms

+ Nuclear accidents like Fukushima

+ Terrorism: Nuclear, biological or chemical

+ Vaccine industry release of a biohazard pandemic that gets out of control

+ Solar flare with massive EMP wipeout of the power grid and most satellites

Most valuable BARTER ITEMS you’ll want to stock up on before the collapse

+ Storable food
+ Lighters
+ Water filters
+ Salt
+ Sugar
+ Coffee
+ Chocolate
+ Toilet paper
+ Common batteries
+ Rifle / pistol ammo
+ Silver dimes and coins

… many more items revealed in The Surthrival Series course.

Actual testimonials from participants in the Health Ranger’s previous course: Be Prepared, Not Scared – Financial Preparedness

“Thank you. It was excellent information!” – A. Stulginskas

“Thank you for all your thoughts and ideas in this program.. we need people like you both to help people around the world.” – R. Tolhoek

“Thank you both so much!!!!!!!!!!!! You have reassured us and provided wonderful information to be prepared! Love you both!” – Y. Yohanna

“Thank you!!!!! Can’t wait for the next in the series. Wish I could sign up right now…” – B. Jacksha

“This is incredibly valuable and necessary information for us all.” – N. Smith

“Thank you both so much for this presentation. I started feeling scared and now I feel like I can be more in control and prepared.” – J. Davenport

“Thank you Mike and Robert for your honesty and brilliant presentation.” – R. Bernhardt

“Thank you – this was very informative and thought-provoking. I will definitely be participating in the next one.” – P. Biondolillo

“Thank goodness! Been waiting to hear from you on crisis farming! Farming and foraging in tropical climates… Thanks guys.” – E. Nunes

“This was great! I look forward to the next session…” – D. Whinham

“Deep Gratitude & Thousand blessings for all that you share.” – D. Richards

To Your Revolutionary Self-Reliance,

David Rainoshek, M.A.