The HyperLearning Webinar: Behind the Scenes

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The Invite Video you see above is the final piece of the HyperLearning Webinar I have been working on for the last 18 months. My colleague, Mike and I worked for seven days straight to produce this video of broad scope. Why?

HyperLearning is an investigation into how we can place viewpoints, techniques, technologies, and Life Practices to work for us in the Integral Age.

Never before in human history have we been so interconnected worldwide, and due to this deep cross-cultural reality, we are called to learn more about each other and the human experience – beyond our own local history and concerns – so that we can CO-CREATE our way into the next stages of global human evolution.

I wanted to make the HyperLearning Invite Video a positive, uplifting, forward-thinking take on where humanity is currently, and I think we achieved that.

That is what the whole project is about, actually: the Good News of the present moment, and the Better News that awaits us if we are creative, passionate, and wise enough to meet the needs of our times.

Ken Wilber has described human development – and the evolution of anything in the Kosmos (matter to body to mind to soul to spirit) as a dialectic of progress. Dialectic means “two.” Progress has two sides: it is good news, bad news. As we progress, the good news gets better, and the bad news gets potentially worse.

You can see this right now, yes? It is hard to tell whether the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or everyone is about to wake up to something dramatically larger and more beautiful in our togetherness than ever before. Part of HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach to Learning in the Integral Age, is about knowing how to cultivate the capacities to hold, understand, and use it all…

The only way to address the bad news locally, and worldwide, is by out-developing it – making the good news so good in ourselves, and collectively, that it answers and eradicates things that aren’t going so well. In fact, it turns the bad news into a creative challenge to make the good news even better.

In the 90-Minute HyperLearning Webinar – the signature piece of Revolutionary Webinars – I present the approach that I have developed over the last 35 years to meet the developmental demands of our times in the Integral Age of worldcentrism. HyperLearning is about new ways of thinking, learning, being, and living. It is about flexibility, co-creation, and fully engaging in the discovery process of your Unique Self Purpose – what it is that you are uniquely here to do that no one else can do but YOU.

If you find yourself excited about the times we live in, and find the understandings and implications of this conversation – this approach – appealing and compelling, do join me for the free 90-minute HyperLearning Webinar, here:

Sign up here ==> www.HyperLearning.Me

And with that, here is the text of the HyperLearning Invite Video. I hope to see you inside!


Transcript of the HyperLearning Invite Video with David Rainoshek

Something amazing is happening right now.

Have you noticed lately that the amount of information that is coming at us – that is available to us – is accelerating at an unprecedented pace?

For the first time in human history, the sum total of all human knowledge, all peoples, finest achievements, experiences, cultures, traditions, histories, economies, ecologies, technologies, perspectives, wisdom, and ways of being – everything that makes us human – is now being put on the table and available to us, often just a Google search away.

Moment-to-moment experiences, events, and insights from all over the globe stream through our Twitter feeds. Facebook connects you with just about everyone you’ve ever known.

This next-level access and interconnection is absolutely unprecedented… nothing like it has ever happened in all of human history, and the implications are exhilarating and astounding.

In this new crucible of knowledge and experience, the world is getting together, and it’s no longer good enough to just co-exist like we did in the 20th century…

We are called to a higher global purpose: co-creation. The problems we face, and the opportunities that await us, can only be met with next-level thinking and creative cooperation on a global scale.

And this means taking everyone, and everything, into account as we take this next evolutionary step worldwide.

There is a new mind, a new culture, a new level of compassion, care, and creativity that is arising worldwide in people like YOU… who yearn for a new way of thinking, a new way of being, an updated vision of who we are together, and where we are going… a positive, dynamic, creative, growth-oriented, integrative, hopeful, next-level vision of the future.

HyperLearning is part of this next level, this next stage in human evolution.


Hi, my name is David Rainoshek. I am the author and creator of HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach to Learning in the Integral Age.

HyperLearning is a deep passion of mine, and is based on over 30 years of experience with learning about learning from some of the pre-eminent genius minds across the globe, throughout human history.

What you are about to discover is not just how to learn faster, or even better, but how to cultivate the deepest drives and orienting perspectives behind the learning that set your mind, heart, and soul on fire. Your purpose, ability, and depth of learning is about to leap beyond almost everyone who has ever lived…

And given that we live in a global, Integral Age, which I will discuss inside – this webinar has fortuitously come to you at the perfect moment.


I will show you:

  • how to keep your brain and mind significantly younger, warding off Alzheimer’s disease, and growing new brain cells and neural pathways for your whole life
  • how to read one or more books a day in minutes, not hours
  • the tricks and techniques that I, David Rainoshek, used to create my 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, integrating thousands of materials: files, ebooks, courses, videos, articles, and interviews.
  • how to passionately self-generate the unique and creative work of your life for your own income
  • how to listen, think, organize, and review more materials, and seek out the best information or experience in anything, better than even the smartest people you know
  • How to accelerate audio and video speeds by 2-4 times normal, saving you hundreds of hours a year
  • how to never, ever be bored
  • exceed the strategies of even the super-rich and most highly educated to take your understanding far beyond a college, graduate, or post-graduate level
  • How HyperLearning and being aware of more in a shorter period of time cultivates higher creative states and more realizations and clarity about whatever it is you put your powerful mind to
  • how to HyperLearn and expand and utilize your greatest commodity – TIME – more effectively than anyone you know or are likely to know


In this free, provocative presentation, it will become crystal clear why HyperLearning and creative-self expression at increasingly higher, wider, deeper levels of being and knowing are part of the deep fabric of your evolutionary nature, calling out to engage with the larger, more exciting world we now find ourselves in.

I will show you how to passionately kindle and cultivate such a great passion for HyperLearning that it will filter through and ignite your whole life.

You will gain access to the most powerful tools, practices, and perspectives available today, designed to help you upgrade your mind, your learning, your health, your relationships, and the actualization of your Unique Self Purpose in this life at this incredible time.

You already have the capacity to HyperLearn… we just need to access the technologies and understandings to turn on HyperLearning for YOU.

To help put this powerful practice to work for as many people as possible, I will be hosting a free 90-minute HyperLearning webinar – a tour de force that will engage you in actualizing your unique self-purpose in the most skillful ways possible as humanity worldwide makes the most of our emerging challenges and incredible opportunities.

Registration for this webinar is completely free, but there are a limited number of slots available per session, so please be sure to sign up to the right, now.

Sign up here ==> www.HyperLearning.Me


You can pick the date and time that you like and we’ll send you a reminder when it gets close to the time you have chosen.

Also, once you register, we’ll give you instructions on how to access the online presentation, as well as an opportunity to get an extra special gift if you share this page with your friends.

So I look forward to having you join me in this upcoming webinar, and be sure to register while there are still spaces available.

We know that problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them. Congratulations for taking on the exciting task of meeting and exceeding the needs of our extraordinary times, and for joining me on what may prove to be the most exciting, relevant, and inspiring Life Practice you have encountered yet: HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach to Learning in the Integral Age.


Stay Sharp, and I will see you in the webinar!

David Rainoshek, M.A.