The Illusion of Disease


Dear Revolutionary Health Seeker,

How would you like to be able to listen to the most cogent, potent, distilled wisdom of one of America’s leading voices for Natural Health? My colleague Mike Adams has put together a series that will inform you about health at a level that few of us are lucky enough to hear, understand, and use.

In Mike’s Illusion of Disease audio series, you will learn how to detect and defend yourself against the stealth brainwashing efforts of modern medicine with this advanced lecture of medical linguistics by the Health Ranger…

You’ll also learn:

  • How to completely defend yourself against every insidious language code used by doctors to exploit you for profit.
  • Why cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and other diseases actually don’t exist at all. Even though the symptoms given these names ARE real, the diseases themselves are nothing more than mental fabrications in the minds of doctors and drug company marketers.
  • The top ten ways doctors use manipulative language to force patients into dangerous — and sometimes deadly — medical procedures.
  • How to defend yourself against the victimization language used by the people around you: Family, friends, coworkers and doctors.
  • How to use the Secret Language Codes in a positive way on yourself to restore health, freedom and spontaneous healing in your own body.
  • The twelve most dangerous warning words to watch out for that reveal you’re being manipulated by a doctor or other health authority.
  • How modern medicine exploits symbols of authority to secretly influence the decisions of patients.
  • Why virtually all disease is curable without drugs and surgery.
  • How doctors use technical-sounding Latin disease names to confuse patients with medical babble in an attempt to override their logical decision processes.
  • Exactly HOW to change your language from one of victimization to one of empowerment, freedom and self determination.
  • How doctors use clever timeline manipulations to convince you that diseases spontaneously appear in your body without cause.
  • The four levels of disease and how the Secret Language Codes bypass skeptical thinking and use stealth linguistic tactics to reshape your very beliefs without your knowledge.
  • How to “de-label” yourself and free your mind from victimizing beliefs about disease.
  • Why doctors are actually “selling” chemotherapy and surgery even when they claim they’re only “informing” you about your options.
  • The real truth about cancer: Everybody already has microtumors! They key is keeping them in check…
  • The truth about the Cult of Pharmacology and why doctors believe in pharmaceuticals like some sort of cultist religion.
  • Why disease “screening” is really a medication recruitment scam, and how to avoid falling for it.
  • How modern medicine intentionally distorts statistics to make dangerous drugs look like miracle medicine.
  • Why mammograms are one of the leading causes of cancer in America today, and why women should never get mammograms.
  • Why most health consumers are unable to realize how deeply they have been brainwashed by the Secret Language Codes of modern medicine.
  • How doctors and surgeons use fear as a powerful recruiting tool to make more money for themselves while maiming patients with medically unjustified procedures.
  • Why your beliefs filter your experience of reality and ultimately shape what you think of as “real.”
  • How to rewrite your life script at the deepest level of personal belief.
  • Why many health consumers are hypnotizing themselves!
  • Learn how the words you hear yourself say are the most powerful shapers of belief and physical outcome.


I love this series. Mike will cause you to re-think modern medicine and modern pharmaceuticals. He will encourage you to take direct, informed action for your health and those you love, today.

And… the next time you visit a health professional, you will make the most of your time by asking the right questions, and be able to seek out the information you need to improve, regain, and keep your health due to the insights in this series.

To Your Health, and the Life it Serves,

David Rainoshek, M.A.